Vaccination/COVID Guidelines


If you have tested pisitive, you must isilate for a minumun of 10 days and approval from the club before returning.


All students on the mat, that are of age, are REQUIRED to have proof of vaccination or (EXCEPTION) if not vaccinated, must provide weekly proof of negative COVID tests to be allowed into the gym

Resources for ordering at home tests:

All students are expected to receive any forthcoming booster shots if any

Any student who tests positive must contact Sensei Fukuhara immediately


Children in the gym not yet old enough to be vaccinated, will be REQUIRED to wear a mask the entire time, regardless of if they are a visitor or student.

Any parents bringing their kids to practice, who are not vaccinated, will be REQUIRED to wear a mask and keep socially distanced.  

To help enforce these guidelines, we will have each student coming back present their vaccination card when they check in to practice, so that we can make note that it has been verified. You will not need to bring it with you to every class once verified.