Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Practice Cancelled

Due to the health risk the COVID-19 has created, the dojo will be closed to all dojo activities. This includes all beginners classes, regular keiko, and Friday nage-no-kata practice.
At this time, the closure is through the month of March.
Please stay tuned for direction for April.
Please stay safe and healthy.

Thank you!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Sensei Sakata's 3s Newaza Technique List - Groundwork Framework by Position

The 3s Paper

Sensei Sakata complied a list of judo-focused newaza moves per position that he was generous enough to share with DBT. Enjoy!

  • Three Submissions
  • Three Sweeps
  • Three Passes
  • Three Escapes

Three Submission from North South

Three Submissions from Side Control

Three Submissions from Kesa Gatame

Three Submissions from Mount

Three Submissions from Back

Three Submissions from Turtle

Three Submissions from Guard

Three Submissions from Half-Guard

Three Sweeps

Three Close Guard Passes

Three Standing Passes

Three Leg Submissions

Three Escapes