Friday, January 24, 2014

Denver Judo Spring 2014 Tournament Entry Form

Here it is - the entry form for the March 8th Denver Judo tournament. You can also register online. Follow the link on the form. Again, if you are a white belt just staring out in Judo please ask me first whether competition is in your current skill range. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Represent DBT Judo at the Colfax Marathon!

The Temple has asked DBT Judo, Aikido and Karate if we would be interested in fielding a relay team for the Colfax marathon in May. I don't have all the details but it would cost about $45 per runner. The team would consist of 5 members each running about a 5 mile leg to complete the 26+ miles. We would be helping the Temple so proceeds from your sponsors would go to the Temple, not the Judo club. If we have more than five students who are interested, we could perhaps field two teams. Anyway, for now - show of hands - who would be interested in running a leg?

Email Sensei Sakata for details!

dbtjudo [at] gmail [dot] com

Loop/Single Wing Choke by Isao Okano

Isao Okano demonstrates a variation of Kata Ha Jime (Single Wing Choke)


Opponent is in Turtle, facing you

Left Hand - Belt Grip (Palm Down)
Right Hand - Collar Grip (Palm Up)

Yank opponent towards you, breaking his posture

Right Hand follows collar towards opponents chest, clears head, and cinches collar across opponent's neck

Simultaneously, drive forward into opponent, and Left Hand swims toward hooking opponent's nearside leg - sprawl legs to pin opponent while choke is applied

Ippon Osoto Gari Frame-by-Frame

Monday, January 20, 2014

Judokas From Across the Nation Weigh in on New IJF Leg-Grabbing Rule

Original Threads:

Opinions seem to range significantly - a few examples:

User Sirkkus

I don't think the current rules are perfect, but I think they attempt to address a real problem in competitive judo and I appreciate the the IJF is willing to make drastic changes to try to fix it.

The problem that I see is that competitive judoka can win with ugly judo: bent over stance, constant grip breaking, score a small point and then run out the clock. I prefer the current rules over the previous iteration, but I agree with most people that they're too restrictive to be ideal.
I think that what the rules should do, rather than penlizing ugly judo, is encourage good judo. My suggestion is that we remove both the yuko and the waza ari. Matches only end by ippon, and if the time runs out there will be a judges' descision. The ideal situation is that there would be no time limit, but of couse that's not practical for running tournaments. I know that many people will dislike so many matches ending in decision, but I claim that if judoka are forced to only shoot for ippons judo will become more upright and aggresive, resulting in more ippons anyways.

User ugly_midget

I would like to say that, unfortunately, it also influences how judo is taught in the dojo.
Several techniques in my dojo has now been banned because of these silly rules just because the trainers can't distinguish between "training judo" and competition. 
I'm on the old side and have been training judo for quite some time and I have a lot of tricks in my sleeve that I'm now not supposed to use? 
This is so silly. Not all judokas compete in regional, national or even olympic events. During training I would like to know ALL facets of judo and not some down watered neutered version. 

Japanese Judo Champ Shonei Ono Compilation Video

0:14 - Has got to be the coolest looking Uchi Mata I've seen so far.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Harai Goshi by 8th Dan Sato Tadashi

Sato Tadashi sensei (8dan). Harai goshi. Uke Savchenkov Nicolay. Moscow, june 2008.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Judo in MMA - Rhonda Rousey vs Meisha Tate II Highlights

Before the break we talked about when being pushed, not to push back, but to "give way" and use your opponents forward momentum for your own throw. I did not see the Rousey - Tate fight but I wanted to share this highlight as an example of turning into a throw off a push. Even if you don't care for mma, share this clip with your judo kids to give them a visual of what we mean by not pushing back when being pushed. See Ronda Rousey execute an uchimata (47 sec) and harai-goshi (54? sec) almost effortlessly off a hug/tackle by Tate.