Monday, January 20, 2014

Judokas From Across the Nation Weigh in on New IJF Leg-Grabbing Rule

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User Sirkkus

I don't think the current rules are perfect, but I think they attempt to address a real problem in competitive judo and I appreciate the the IJF is willing to make drastic changes to try to fix it.

The problem that I see is that competitive judoka can win with ugly judo: bent over stance, constant grip breaking, score a small point and then run out the clock. I prefer the current rules over the previous iteration, but I agree with most people that they're too restrictive to be ideal.
I think that what the rules should do, rather than penlizing ugly judo, is encourage good judo. My suggestion is that we remove both the yuko and the waza ari. Matches only end by ippon, and if the time runs out there will be a judges' descision. The ideal situation is that there would be no time limit, but of couse that's not practical for running tournaments. I know that many people will dislike so many matches ending in decision, but I claim that if judoka are forced to only shoot for ippons judo will become more upright and aggresive, resulting in more ippons anyways.

User ugly_midget

I would like to say that, unfortunately, it also influences how judo is taught in the dojo.
Several techniques in my dojo has now been banned because of these silly rules just because the trainers can't distinguish between "training judo" and competition. 
I'm on the old side and have been training judo for quite some time and I have a lot of tricks in my sleeve that I'm now not supposed to use? 
This is so silly. Not all judokas compete in regional, national or even olympic events. During training I would like to know ALL facets of judo and not some down watered neutered version.