About DBTJ

The Founders of DBTJ

Judo or the “The Gentle Way” is a martial art developed in the late 1800s by Professor Jigoro Kano and has its roots in the ancient art of the Samurai, Jujutsu. Judo emphasizes the use of leverage rather than the use of strength to overcome an attack.  It is a grappling discipline emphasizing the use of throws, pins, strangulation and joint locks.  It is practiced worldwide and has been an Olympic sport since 1964.

DBT Judo (formally known as  Denver Buddhist Temple Judo Dojo) began teaching Judo in 1953.  Originally known as the Denver School of Judo, it was the first Judo school in Denver, run by Senseis Tooru Takamatsu, George Kuramoto, and Fred Okimoto. Sensei Tooru Takamatsu, he moved to Colorado from California after the war because his Judo Sensei, Nagano Sensei was also forced to move from Southern California to Denver, Colorado. Nagano Sensei is mentioned in the book Fighting Fury. Nagano Sensei trained directly under Professor Jigoro Kano. Nagano Sensei never practiced Judo in Denver. He had retired by the time he moved here.

People from all walks of life enjoy Judo for recreation, physical fitness, competition, and self-defense. It makes an excellent introduction into the world of martial arts for people of all ages, and is an outstanding way for children to learn respect, discipline, self-defense and a positive, focused mental attitude.

Who: All people, age 6 years and older can join our dojo.

Where: Denver Buddhist Temple Gym, 1947 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80202. Enter gym from the catwalk on the second level of the parking garage on Larimer St.

Note: It is absolutely not necessary for participants to be either a member of the Temple or Buddhist to be part of our club; everyone is welcome.