1. Sign up 1 FORM PER STUDENT REQUIRED (Google Form, link below). Class schedules are quarterly, please reach out for scheduling.

    Application form: link 
    (Please read instructions first)

  2. Pay for number of members in your household (Paypal, link below, Paypal account not needed). Your application is not confirmed until payment is confirmed.

    Payment info: link

  3. Sign up for USA Judo membership (Off-site, link below). Required to start 1st class.
USA Judo Membership: link

Beginners Classes happen in ~3 month cycles. Please contact for more information

How to join the club if you’re new to Judo:

If you have no previous judo experience and wish to become a member of DBT Judo, you must register for the New Student Orientation and Beginner’s Falling Class.  Class will cover the history of Judo and the dojo, Judo etiquette, basic foot and ground movements and will introduce you to “ukemi” or break falling to prepare you for integration into the regular practice sessions with seasoned judoka. Students over 6 years of age must show proficiency in break falling to transfer to into the regular class.

Each session will consist of 8 classes.  You must attend all 8 classes.  Make up classes may be held as the instructor’s schedule allows.

New Student Orientation and Beginner’s Falling Class 

Beginners Sessions are one a quarter, sign ups must be done the previous quarter. 
Beginner Class Times: 
  • Sensei will reach out before the start of each session with times

  • USA Judo Membership here: link
  • Class Payment info here: link

What to bring to the first Class (REQUIRED): 
  • USA Judo Regular Membership
  • Proof of Payment 


New students are not required to purchase and wear a judo gi during the beginner’s class, however, you are welcomed to do so.  Please wear sweat pants and a short or long sleeve t-shirt if you do not have a gi.  Do not wear anything with buttons or zippers.  Bring a pair of sandals or footwear that you can easily take on and off.

Remove all jewelry for class and tie-up long hair with an elastic hair band.      


How to Join if you are an experienced Judoka:

Experienced Judoka with a Rokkyu (6th grade yellow belt) or higher may register to become a member of the dojo at any one of the regular practices held on Mondays and Thursdays.  You must bring to your first practice session a copy of your promotion certificate and proof of registration with one of the three Judo National Governing Bodies, either:
  • United States Judo Federation (USJF); 
  • United State Judo Association (USJA) or 
  • United States Judo Incorporated (USJI / aka USA Judo). 
You will still need a USA Judo membership and New Student Enrollment Form to come to class