Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Judo and Aikido Colfax Marathon Team & Donations

This summer the Dojo will be running two fundraisers. Yes, I know, not another fundraiser. I realize everyone has their finances stretched to the four corners of the globe, so we appreciate your consideration and any amount you can afford.

The first is the Colfax marathon: Judo and Aikido have teamed up to create a team of 5 relay runners to run the 26 miles route. We will be raising money for temple renovations to include the gym where we practice. 10% of the money raised will go to the Children's Hospital as a charity donation. Our 5 team members are:

Emily Abo (teen) - 4 mile leg

Ryan Abo (teen) - 6 mile leg

William Hwang (adult) - 6 mile leg

Thom Sakata ( adult) - 6 mile leg

Kai Sakata (10 yr old) - 4 mile leg

Each team member has a goal of raising $200 and could use your help, if you are so inclined to do so. Use this link to donate to the team member of your choice.


Secondly: We are soliciting for grants and private donations to purchase new mats. We are close to our goal and the senseis will be pooling our money with a challenge to Judo parents and students to match our funds. Stay tuned for details later this late spring / early summer.

Thank you for all your support - you make the Dojo; and as always I am open to your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions.