Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Throw Kata Guruma Without Grabbing the Leg

Fireman's Carry Without Grabbing a Leg

Opponent has single lapel grip with lead land. Break lapel grip with both hands at sleeve

Transition inside hand into same side lapel

Load opponent, subtly pulling sleeve down and leaning in with the hips away, outside leg in the back. leaving space. (Outside is left in this instance)

Kuzushi by pulling arm and shoulder tightly up and across your chest, sleeve arm crossing under the lapel grip. Simultaneously launch forward with your outside rear leg while dropping and turning into your opponent

This should effectively leave you dropped in front of your opponent while arcing his body over your shoulders, perpendicular to the direction you are pointing in.

As you feel your opponent going over, keep tight and drive your shoulder into him, dropping with the opponent to maintain control.